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TMC The MultiMedia Centers is proud to announce that we offer the Memory Medallion OF™, QR™, and others!
Now accessible from almost any Camera Phone
You too may now honor your loved ones in this very special way for only $79.95 COMPLETE for the OF version with no maintenance fees!
Be sure to ask about our HALF-PRICED companion!

Call us today to order yours at 801-359-5463 or eMail us at:
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Port Authority Police Memorial of those lost on September 11, 2001
THIS IS WHAT WE DO…We now allow for these NAMES to be MORE than just letters cast in bronze or etched in stone.  These NAMES now in combination with our MEMORY MEDALLIONS provide complete life story remembrance, big or small, via video, audio, photos and text for family, friend and future generation who come in contact with this person’s last resting place or location of honor to KNOW the life that the name once made live again.
Our Product is totally maintenance-free, designed to last through the ages and endure the rugged extremes of weather.  This means it can easily be placed outdoors or in, and some versions are designed for very easy but permanent installation by most any customer. 

It is small (approximately and inch in diameter) and designed to be an attractive (but essential) addition to you loved-one’s place of remembrance AND it can be read by most MOBILE PHONES using the phone’s camera to activate our specialized coding. 

Over our then year company history we have been working hard to provide the ultimate in affordable remembrance products and we have been honored and privileged during this time to be chosen for use on some extremely special monuments such as ones in NYC relate to those lost in the tragedy of 9/11 as well as other Veteran Memorials through the U.S. and thousand of citizens just like you whose family wanted their lives held and remembered in this special way.  NOW with the release of this most recent version of our product we have outdone ourselves by being able to offer full and complete remembrance with our new easy to use, easy to make, and easy to install Memory Medallion QR™

Accessible from almost any Camera Phone, below is an example of what an associates of ours designed for one of their loved ones