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ShotBox 3D Scanner!
Use your mobile device (iPad, iPhone, Android) to capture beautiful 3D images of your antiques or other items.
Have photos albums or journals that just won't lay flat on your scanner?
ShotBox is what you have been waiting for!
All ExtremeGenes listners receive a special discount!

When ordering, just include a screen shot of the ExtremeGenes podcast app on your phone!
Standard ShotBox kit $99 vs $130
Deluxe Bundle $170 vs $200
Bulk purchase in sets of 4 of either ShotBox receive even bigger discounts!
To get your ShotBox, stop in our Salt Lake City store for more details and to try one out, or order by calling 801-483-1717 Monday - Friday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM MDT
or texting 435-799-1717
or sending an eMail to AskTom@tmcplace.com

We accept all major Credit Cards

Shipping additional. Utah residents add sales tax