"Preserving Your Memories Since 1973"

Consumer Video Tapes Transferred

TMC Transfer and Duplication Centers, the leaders in technology have the ability to transfer multiple analog and digital tapes to a disc saving you, our clients physical disc space, and duplicating costs.

Longer Tapes:
Our Blu-ray discs can hold up to 9.5 hours of SD Video.

DATA discs and Hard Drives:
Currently we offer Lacie 1TB HDDs for $99+ and 2TB for $150+
Need your tapes transferred to a "data (.mov or .avi or ProRes)" file? 
$30.00 per tape.  Any standard consumer format any length, (choose storage option from below)
- Content added to a Hard Drive is cost plus $50.00
- If you are returning a Hard Drive purchased from us to have additional content added, it is only a $50 up charge.
- Sorry but you may NOT supply your own Hard Drive (HDD).  We have had too many problems with client supplied HDDs.
We can format for PC or Mac, or  DVC Pro format (ProRes).  Check your OS compatibility.

*BE SURE to back up your Hard Drive!  We are NOT responsible for any damage or loss of data on any Hard Drive presented to us.

Be Sure to mention our Internet Shipping Special!
If you are shipping your order to one of our locations, there is NO shipping charge to have it shipped back to you!

Professional and Hi Def. tapes:
Hi Def MDV/DV, BetaCam/SP/SX, U-Matic, DVCPro, DVCam, can also be transferred.

EXTRAS at no additional charge:
A 30 day warranty against any error made by us during the transfer.  Just return the entire order within 30 days and we will re-do it at no additional charge.

Please call with any additional questions Monday - Friday 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM MST.
We have been in the business since 1973.  We are a real store and studio that you can see on Goggle Earth. 
You can rest assured that your prestigious memories are safe with us.  Every order that arrives is assigned a barcode serial number that is attached to each tape. 

We have NEVER lost a clients tape and plan to keep it that way.

AAA Audio Video & Film is not your run of the mill transfer center,

we like to provide you with options.

The first option is our cost conscious option. 

 VHS-C Video tape transferred to DVD only $14.95 per tape (SP Mode Only).

 2hr VHS to DVD only $17.95 Warehouse Special (SP Mode Only).


Let's take a trip from Video to DVD

The voyage from video to DVD is an important one that everyone must make because each time you play your analog video cassettes you are losing quality, plus all of your friends have DVDs, and you don't want to be left behind, do you? No!

That is why you are here.  We do all your old video V8, Hi-8, digital 8, VHS and VHS-c tapes, mini-DV digital tapes and even BetaMax & BetaCam tapes and foreign tapes and DVDs!

For tapes that don't need any special attention. Pricing is as low as $17.95 for a 2 hour VHS video tape Warehouse Special DVD. These options are for tapes that are recorded in SP MODE which are what most home video tapes are.

Another option is our personalized transfer service or "PTS".

With this service, we check the first few minutes of your original video source for tracking and video quality. If we encounter any major correctable problems, we will phone you with our suggestions.
We can then do our best to correct any saturation, color, brightness and tracking issues we encounter in  your tape. We strive to give you best transfer possible.

This packages also include a high quality commercial grade DVD which provides you with the longevity and optimum compatibility of your product. It's quality you deserve.

But...The options don't stop here.

The second option is our PTS option.

With the personalized transfer service (PTS), you will get a series of diverse choices to best fit your needs and project. Let's go over a few of these.

All of our personalized packages include

1. Video correction,

With our ProcAmp, if needed, will enhance the saturation,luminance, hue and the gain to restore your video as best we can as it was meant to be.

2. Master quality DVD.

We use high grade, commercial quality DVDs which are the most compatible disc we?ve tested.

3. We include a clam shell case.

4. Customizable (ask for a quote) and water proof disc print.

We like to call this our "ECONO" DVD. Great quality at an economy price.

Next is the BASIC DVD which includes all the great features of the economy but we add a disc title and chapter marks to the disc menu, to navigate freely through memory lane.

The DELUXE is the next step up.

It includes the before mentioned features and the ability to combine up to four tapes for a total of 2 hours on your master DVD. You also have the option to have up to 4 scene button clicks and/or HW edits, plus a customizable full sleeve library case. Just like DVD movies you purchase at the store.

Now that's fancy!

The PREMEUM comes next with up to 8 scene menus and/or HW edits.

You can show off your new DVD with the premium customized scene selection buttons. If you want more edits or scene button menus then we move up to a CUSTOM DVD which includes up to 16 edits or button menus.

And remember, the custom package includes all the magnificent features of all the others with our quality guarantee.

Now you are ready to take your old videotapes into the next century.

A multimedia representative will assist you in capturing your treasures for years to come.

Be sure to ask us about our other services and discover our full multimedia possibilities.