Home Movies, 8mm, Super 8, 16mm Film.
Film Transfers in HiDef,
16x9 1080p
Blu-ray, DVD, Hard Drive, MP4s, .mov, .avi, ProRes
We don't Project your film and shoot it,
we SCAN your film frame by frame
in Hi-Def full 1080p 16x9 AND
if you choose, we can provide you with a .jpg of EVERY frame!
"Preserving Your Memories Since 1973"
We have so many options for taking your precious film to DVD we highly recommend you load up all you film and bring it into our studio so we can give you a FREE no cost or obligation estimate of what it would run to transfer your film. 

At the same time we will show you examples of film projects we have done for your friends and neighbors and examples of what we can do with yours.

Let us take a look at our unique film to DVD transfer process.

Your 16 and 8 millimeter film is as important to us as it is to you. That is why we provide a careful and unique process in handling your life memories. After we transfer your film we provide you with a PROOF DVD of all you footage thus allowing us to edit out or rearrange your film as you direct and add titles, chapters, buttons, and menus.

This is how we transfer your film.  First off, we repair your old film as it is needed.

We replace any bad splices, cut out any large unexposed portions and place film leader where it is necessary. The cleaning and lubrication process is important in getting the most out of the transfer.  Many of our competitors destroy the old film in the process, where here, at triple a, we return your film in better shape than when you brought it in.

That is pride in what we do and all of this is included at no additional charge.

Once your film is clean as a whistle, we digitize it at 30 frames per second to preserve the original quality. Transferring your film to a digital level is a unique and very important process.  Some amateur transfers try to shoot the image by projecting your film on a wall and record it using a camcorder. 

Bootlegging your film can cause key framing, blurring and can make grandma look distorted and out of focus.  Now, you don?t want that. That is why our true digital transfer is superior to the rest.  Here at The MultiMedia Centers, your film is transmitted through a digital RGB chip board where it can be digitally coded and preserved.

There we can take and custom edit it, and package it to fit your individual needs and budget.

Remember, we offer you a free written estimate of what it will cost to transfer your family film treasures to a MDV, DVD and as an option to an External Hard Drive too!  You may take this written estimate and all your film back home with you and proceed with the transfer if and when you are ready. 

Preparing Your Film

Next is how to prepare your film before bringing it in for a free written estimate to save you valuable time.

OK, lets get your film ready to embark on its digital adventure. Take this moment to lay out all your reels of film. Arrange your film in the order in which you want it to be transferred the better you have it arraigned in order, the more you will save during editing.

Next, lets take and mark these reels numerically, starting with one, two, three, four and on.  Now, if you realized that the old reel of aunt Bessie should have gone before reel number two, never fear because we have invented a nifty 26 letter alphabet that enables our customers to squeeze old Bessie in front. Just write a 2a on one and a 2b on the other

Now that the film is in order, lets get a rough estimate of how much film you have.

There are the 4 general sizes of film.
A 3-inch reel is 50 feet
A 5-inch reel is 200 feet
A 6-inch is 300 feet
A 7-inch reel is 400 feet.

Looking at the size of your reels we will guestimate how much film you have. Do not let this number alarm you, for we will only charge you for the total feet transferred after all the film is spliced and cleaned up.

Each group of eight 50 foot reels will be transferred onto one 400 foot reel to expedite the transfer process and its a much better way to store your precious film. From here we will transfer your film to MDV for archival purposes and DVD for easy viewing of your precious moments.  You may also select the option of having your treasured home movies transferred to an external Hard Drive as well.

As an added bonus to introduce your treasured memories to family and friends, you will have the choice of one on-screen title with each 200 feet of film at the time your transfer is processed.
This unique process does not stop at film.

Check out our professional slides and prints transfers when you stop on in with your home movie film for your FREE estimate

No appointment is necessary, just come on in during any of our regular business hours.