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Dear Multi Media Center,

I want to take a moment to tell you how much our family appreciated the professional and very kind way you treated us during a very difficult time.

Our Mother passed away last Monday.  Although we expected it soon we were not ready for it to happen so quickly.  Caught totally unprepared, our father wanted a special tribute to her life on a DVD for the funeral.

When we came into your business, we had already been told it might not be possible as this usually takes two to three weeks.  We were so relieved to find out that you were still willing to try and finish it in time for the viewing on Friday.  

When I went to pick up the DVD Friday morning, I found out that your employees had worked late into the night to make sure it was finished, and had even downloaded the music because we had brought in the wrong CD.

You took the time to make us feel like the making of moms? DVD was just as important to you as it was to us.  The DVD was beautifully done and will be a real treasure to all of us as we move forward with out lives.

Again, our heart-felt appreciation for your kindness and dedication to quality and service?It will not be forgotten.


The Family of Kathlyn A. Green
To your intire (sic) staff and personnel
     I had to write this letter to you to express my appreciation for fixing my VHS tape...
    You not only showed your colors which is RED WHITE AND BLUE but you made my day along with nine of my shipmates that I called and told them this story, every one of them when I told them I was going to write this said to tell you all from them Thank You For Remembering.
   If is really a great feeling to know that there are some that remember what took place back in the 40's  it was them or us, and Iv'e always said that the real hero's were the one's that didn't come home, never had the chance to live out their lives.
     Myself I was a gunner mate 1/C and fired the Oerlikon 20mm gun mount 5 on the bow of the Battleship USS North Carolina BB-55, We shot down 24 planes and had 19 assists, bombarded 9 Helo Islands, Guadaicanal in the Solomons, Tarawa in the Gilberts, Kuwadjalein in the Marshalls, Saipan, Tinian & Guam in the Marianna's, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa, our ship was the most decorated Battleship in World War II we wound up with 15 Battle Stars, the only ship with more in the US Navy Fleet was the Aircraft Carrier USS Enterprise CV6 with 20 and most of those came from her aircraft.
    In closing I want to thank you again and from me personally I take my hat off with high 5's and give you a Navel accolade of a 4/0 and a "Well Done"
 A customer and Friend yesterday, today, tomorrow and always
Sincerely yours
Bob Palomaris
And my all of you have a GREAT DAY yourselves

P.S. If any of my friends ever need work done on cassettes, DVD's or CD's I will refer tem to you, this you can count on.